How To Treat Constipation In Children

Constipation is a common disorder in the digestive tract, in which the bowels are not moving regularly or when they are moving. In the United States, constipation is a comfortable, extremely common problem affecting 2 to 28 percent of the population and accounting for an estimated 2.5 million visits to doctors each year. Inadequate water intake, stress, lack of dietary fiber, medications, bad bowel habits are the causes of constipation. Some of the home remedies used in the treatment of constipation are: Prune juice Prune juice is one of the most efficient solutions in babies and children to treat constipation. It is a natural laxative that helps your baby to make stuffing soft and easy. It takes just a few hours to prune the juice to function. It might take 4 or 5 hrs for your baby to work if your baby is slightly constipated. It may also not work for the baby if the child is bowel-free for several days. Organic coconut oil Cocoon oil is the best and most natural laxative to relieve problems in bowel movements. In baby diet, you can try to loosen stool with 2 ml of virgin coco oils. A little coconut oil can be applied to the anus of the baby for quick relief. The transit is lubricated and your child is encouraged to punch. Dates with milk This is an effective way to address children's problems with constipation. 1 glass of milk and 2 - 3 seedless dates. . Mix 1 teaspoon of heating soft drink in 1/2 glass of warm water, consume as quickly as might be expected under the circumstances. . Every day includes yogurt in the diet of your child. . Hydrate your child with adequate water or various liquids. . Carefully rub the stomach of your child to release gas. . Apple, pear and plum juice are very useful to relieve the stool. . In 1 glass of tepid water, mix 1 teaspoon of amla powder, consume it early morning on an empty stomach. . Soak a few raisins in the water overnight, eat them in an empty stomach early in the morning.

How To Treat Constipation In Children

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