How To Treat Stomach Ache In Children

Colic or irritable bowels, gastroenteritis infections, kidney or bladder infections, constipation, infections in the part of the body like chest and ears, bowel problems are health problem that can cause stomach ache in children. Stomach aches are common in children. Sometimes they are not serious at all and sometimes are just a mild stomach bug, constipation or hunger. Some of the home remedies used to treat stomach ache in children are: Honey Honey is a stronghold of carbohydrates, sugar and antimicrobials. Babies may be given through the use of herbal teas or warm water. Children love to eat it, too. However, don't feed honey to children under 2 years old since there is risk of botulism (the disease caused by a bacterium known as clostridium botulinum is a rare potentially fatal disease). Give honey in lukewarm water. Outdoor activities: Running, playing, walking Chamomile tea Make chamomile tea and give it to the child when it gets lukewarm, It helps in the treatment of stomach ache. . Avoid milk products . Avoid raspberries, cherries and apricots . Avoid spicy and oily foods . Give much pure water . Avoid sweetened juices, sports drinks, aromatic water, tea, milk, carbonated beverages . Give your child a warm bath . With peppermint oil massage your child's stomach . Place warm cloth on the stomach

How To Treat Stomach Ache In Children

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