Natural Way Of Treating Chicken pox In children

It is common during childhood and children between the ages of five and nine years are more vulnerable than any other age group; infants under six months of age appear to be immune from chickenpox. Symptoms of chickenpox Chickenpox normally starts with a low fever, mild headache, loss of appetite and weakness. Rashes then occur on the skin, mainly in the upper back or in the chest, as small red spots. Rashes can also occur on the face and lower limbs in more severe cases. The spots become blocks and many of them turn into scabs that fall off. They become pustules. Some of the home remedies used in the treatment of chickenpox are: Neem Leaves Neem leaves, better known as Indian margosa leaves, have been the best known chickenpox remedy in India for centuries. The antiviral properties of Neem fight the virus of chickenpox and relieve children from the itchiness of blisters and rash. Neem also, among other things, has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. This makes Neem ideal for the treatment of pox chicken. You should, however, be careful not to allow your child to take it directly because it is strong. Hang it around the baby's bed in fan shape for the use of neem leaves to cure chickenpox. Fan the child with neem fronds. Margosa Leaves Margos leaves is useful in the treatment of chickenpox. Add leaves of margosa to shower water. Cereal Powder Into lukewarm water, add 2 glass of cereal powder, make the child absorb this water for 15 minutes. Vinegar Vinegar is also useful in the treatment of chicken pox. In lukewarm water, add half a glass of darker vinegar, make your child absorb this water for 15 minutes. Avoid sugar, sodas, dairy and processed foods ( except yogurt). Nectar Nectar is kind of fluid secreted within flowers t encourage pollination by other animals and insect Apply nectar to influenced territories, leave it at some point, repeat this procedure for several months twice a day. Carrot and coriander leaves Boil container slashed carrot and half glass of coriander leaves in 2 glass of water until the mixture is halved, drink this arrangement day by day for several months. Ginger Add 1 table spoon of smashed ginger or basil leaves or camomile into 1 glass of water, add 1 teaspoon of nectar and a cinnamon squeeze to this arrangement, give your child this tea for 3 drinks a day. .Take a glass of water and add half a teaspoon of soft drink to the drink, wash the area with the washcloth. Turmeric Powder Make a thick glue of turmeric powder in sandalwood oil, apply it to the influenced area of your child, then wash away for 30 minutes. Jasmine Blossoms Grind the blossoms of jasmine and mix them in rice water, add this mixture to your child's water. Ginger Powder Add 1 tablespoon of ginger powder or ginger to the shower water, soak your child for 20 minutes in the water. . Include marigold and hazel leaves in the glass of water, soak this mixture in the medium term and pound it and make a paste, apply this glue to the affected areas. Green Peas Boil green peas make a thick peas glue, apply this glue to the affected areas, leave it for 1 hour and then wash it away. You like to wipe the affected areas with the water used to heat the peas. Drink More Water Give your child plenty of liquids.

Natural Way Of Treating Chicken pox In children

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