Reasons Why You Should Eat Pineapple

Pineapple Helps To Remove Cracks Under The Feet Another of the most common problems that make us rely on commercial creams. But pineapple skin is the cheapest (well, if we take the pineapple price off), but it is an effective way to make it disappear. The pineapple exfoliating property and its collagen synthesizing nature make it an excellent natural scrub for your feet. It helps to slug off the feet's flaky, callous skin, leaving them smooth, soft and beautiful. Inflammation and swelling, caused by cracks, are also reduced. Pineapple Contain Nutrients Trace volumes of vitamins A and K, phosphorus, zinc and calcium are also present in pineapples. Vitamin C and manganese are particularly rich with 131% of the daily recommendations and 76% of the daily recommendations. For growth and development, vitamin C is essential to a healthy immune system and to support dietary iron absorption. Manganese, meanwhile, is a natural mineral that supports growth, maintains healthy metabolism and antioxidant effects. Pineapples Are Natural Exfoliating Agent You can use newly crushed wedges of pineapple to exfoliate your skin. The rough texture of this particular surface eliminates the dead skin and enhances the blood flow. In turn, this brightens your skin. Pineapple Helps To Reduce Blood Clot Flores noted that pineapples can help to reduce excessive blood coagulation because of their bromelain levels. Pineapple, therefore, is a good snack for flyers and other people at risk of blood clots. Pineapple Helps To Strengthen The Bone Pineapple can help you to remain strong and tall. According to the Institute of Linus-Pauling, the resultant fruit contains nearly 75 percent of the daily recommended value of mineral manganese. One study in 1994 suggested that manganese, together with other trace minerals in postmenopausal women, could be helpful to prevent osteoporosis. The Enzymes Pineapple Can Ease Digestion A group of enzymes called bromelain are contained in pineapples. They act as proteases that break up protein molecules such as Amino acids and small peptides into their building blocks. Protein molecules are more easily absorbed throughout the bowel once they have broken down. In particular, it is a condition in which the pancreas can make insufficient digestive enzymes for people with pancreatic insufficiency. Pineapple Helps To Reduce Sinus Inflammation And Common Cold Pineapple bromelain can help in reducing mucus in the throat and nose, besides having a great deal of vitamin C, according to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland. Then try some pineapple pieces if your cold has you coughing. Allergy sufferers may want to take pineapple into their diets more often to reduce sinus mucus in the long term. Pineapple Helps Alleviate (reduce) The Risk Of Cancer Cancer is an uncontrolled cell growth in chronic disease. It is often linked to chronic inflammations and oxidative stress. A number of studies have demonstrated that the risk of cancer is reduced by pineapple and its compounds. This is because oxidative stress can be minimized and inflammation reduced. The group of digestive enzymes known as bromelain is one of these compounds. Test tube studies have shown that bromelain can also contribute to cancer-fighting. In two test-tube studies, for example, the growth of breast cancer cells was suppressed by bromelina and cell mortality was stimulated. Other test-tube studies indicate that bromelain eliminates skin, bile, gastric and colon carcinogenic cancers, among others. The tube and animal studies have shown that bromelain can stimulate the immune system to create molecules to enhance the efficiency of white blood cells to suppress the growth of cancer cells and remove cancer cells. However, pineapple is much less bromelain compared to supplements. There must be more human-based research before findings can be reached. Pineapple Helps To Prevent Hair Loss When your shower can be truly painful, hundreds of hair strands run down the drain. But you can prevent this troublesome hair loss with a few dietary changes. One such solution is to include pineapple in your dinner/lunch routine. A key factor that helps to prevent hair losses is vitamin C. The antioxidant fighting radical damage is powerful. A rich fountain of this water-soluble vitamin is Pineapple. Eat them fresh as wedges or just drink juice to harvest the vitamin C benefits and avoid hair loss. Pineapple May Speed Up Your Recovery After Surgery Pineapple food may reduce the time it takes for surgery or exercise to recover. The anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain are largely responsible. Several studies found that bromelain can reduce inflammation, swelling, bleeding, and pain, often following an operation. The inflammation markers also appear to be reduced. For example, a study has shown that pain has been significantly reduced and happier than those who have taken bromelain before dental surgery. In fact, a similar amount of relief seemed to be available as common anti-inflammatory medicines. It is believed that proteases such as bromelain accelerate the recovery of harsh damage due to exercise by reducing inflammation of the damaged muscle tissue. This theory has been tested by one study, which provides a digestive enzyme supplement containing bromelain after a stringy workout lasting 45 minutes. Those who received the supplement were less inflamed and stronger. More than one study has shown that bromelain can accelerate recovery from exercise damage. Pineapple Helps To Keep The Gum Healthy Eating pineapple helps your gums to stay healthy, strong and confident enough to give the camera a toothy (or rubbery) smile.

Reasons Why You Should Eat Pineapple

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