Watermelon Seeds And Its Health Benefits

Watermelon Seeds Contains Good Fat The seeds of watermelon are also a good source of both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids-0.3 and 1.1 grams. These fats are useful to protect against heart attack and stroke and lower levels of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, according to the American Heart Association. Watermelon Seeds Contains Magnesium Magnesium is one of several minerals found in seeds of watermelon. You'll get 21 mg of magnesium in a serving of 4 grams. The FDA recommends that adults receive 400 mg of this mineral every day. For many metabolic functions of the body, magnesium is essential. Nerve and muscle function as well as immune, heart and bone health must also be maintained. Watermelon Seeds Also Contain Iron A few watermelon seeds contain approximately 0.29 mg of iron. This may not seem much, but the FDA recommends that adults only get 18 mg in the daytime. Iron is an important component for hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is carriers of oxygen through the body. The Seeds Of Watermelon Contains Folate In a single portion of watermelon seeds, there are 2 μ of folate. The FDA suggests that adults receive 400 μ daily. Folate, known also as follic acid or B-9 vitamin, works to control homocysteine levels, and is important to proper brain function. Women of childbearing years still need more as folate deficiency with certain neural tubal abnormalities has been associated with this. The Seeds Of Watermelon Also Contains B Vitamins Seeds of watermelon also contain a number of B vitamins. In order to convert food into energy and other major bodily functions, the American Cancer Society reports that B-vitamins are necessary. Niacin, 1 cup of dried watermelon seeds of 3,8 mg, 19 percent of the daily value, constitutes the most prevailing B vitamin in watermelon seeds For the preservation of the system, digestive system and the health of the skin, niacin is important. Folate, thiamine, riboflavine, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid are other B vitamins in the watermelon seeds.

Watermelon Seeds And Its Health Benefits

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